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Serving Clients In Gig Harbor And Throughout The Tacoma Area

Serving Clients In Gig Harbor And Throughout The Tacoma Area

Need Help With A Will Contest?

When a will is probated, in most cases, the process proceeds without complication. But there are cases where beneficiaries or potential heirs will have issues with the terms of the will during the administration of the estate.

Our attorney at Gordon & Alvestad, PLLC, has over 30 years of experience working with all aspects of estate administration and can help provide the guidance you need to resolve these matters.

Need To Adjust The Asset Allocation?

These cases can be emotional, as they often involve children, siblings or other relatives who may have issues with how the assets were allocated. Parents may have created a will intending to split up all their assets in equal share.

This may have been well intentioned, but their adult children may need to adjust that allocation. One may want the family home and will forgo other assets. Some may have moved out of state, making some use of some property difficult.

Our attorney can help resolve these issues by examining the matter and helping to explain the law and ways to avoid the expensive and often unnecessary litigation. We can help you reach find a compromise that ends the dispute cost-effectively.

Keep Your Estate Plan Up To Date

Change is a constant, and these cases often point out the importance of keeping your estate plan up to date with the reality of the expectations and needs of your heirs. A will that is more than a decade old may need significant changes. Our experienced Washington estate planning lawyer can help you review your plan and make updates that can reduce the likelihood of heirs needing to modify the distribution of the assets.

Over 30 Years Of Practical Legal Experience

Our attorney has a substantial depth of experience with estate and probate administration. We can explain your legal options ways to achieve a compromise between all the beneficiaries to resolve any dispute.

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