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Serving Clients In Gig Harbor And Throughout The Tacoma Area

Serving Clients In Gig Harbor And Throughout The Tacoma Area

Help With Starting A Business And Litigation

Having a great business idea is only one element of creating a successful business. A successful business needs a great deal of planning and thought to getting that idea off the ground.

If you are starting a new business or operating a successful business, you want to do everything you can to create a strong foundation for growth as well as protect your business from unanticipated challenges.

Our attorney at Gordon & Alvestad, PLLC, can help you with all aspects of your business, from startup and formation issues to acquisitions, real estate matters and business litigation challenges.

Helping Businesses Thrive For More Than Three Decades

Our attorney, Paul Alvestad, has over 30 years of business law experience working with clients in and around Gig Harbor and the Tacoma area. He knows the people and this region. He wants your business to succeed and thrive, and his experience can help make that happen.

We have helped clients with a broad range of business law matters, including:

Business Litigation Issues

Life in business is never certain. Partners and business associates can have fallings out, can become ill and even die. Litigation is always a threat.

Our attorney can help by creating solid business structures that protect you and your family from unexpected threats and liability, ensure your contracts are comprehensive and that you receive cost-effective counsel when litigation becomes likely.

Estate Planning For Your Business

Our attorney is also skilled at estate planning, and we can help business owners develop plans to ensure their business continues in the event of incapacity or death. The best time to create this is when everyone is young and healthy, and there is no crisis on the horizon.

A comprehensive succession plan for your business includes buy/sell agreements, as well as a clear management structure, with formal rules that prevent misunderstanding and other disagreements that can lead to conflict and damage a business. Such plans can even protect from issues like a divorce causing problems for the business.

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