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Serving Clients In Gig Harbor And Throughout The Tacoma Area

Representation For Probate And Estate Administration

Last updated on April 23, 2020

Probate and estate administration is what occurs after someone dies and is the legal proceeding that makes a final accounting of a person’s affairs, pays bills and taxes, and distributes their property according to the terms of their will. If they lack a will, the intestate laws of Washington take the place of a will and dictate the distribution.

Experienced Estate Administration And Probate Guidance

Our attorney at Gordon & Alvestad, PLLC, can help your family deal with all of the legal implications of this process. It can be challenging, especially if you are still grieving the loss of your loved one.

It can become more difficult if a potential heir disputes the distribution in the will. Paul Alvestad has over 30 years of experience handling estate administration matters and provides the knowledgeable guidance you need with these issues.

With most estates, probate proceeds in a straightforward fashion. If you are the executor, you have a lot of tasks to complete, and it is essential that they be done correctly. We can assist with these duties and take the stress that comes from dealing with courts, filings, deadlines and all the other necessary steps that must be done to administer the estate.

When Will Contests Develop

Estates become contested for a variety of reasons. Some are upset by what they may feel is not their “fair share.” Siblings may dispute how a parent’s health is managed when a parent cannot make decisions alone. They may become embroiled in fights involving cherished family heirlooms, especially if two or more believe they were “promised” the item. Heirs may argue about whether to keep a family home or liquidate and divide the assets.

We have decades of experience with these conflicts. We can provide counsel, explaining that interfamily conflicts can be unproductive, wasting assets of the estate and producing little more than ill feelings.

Contact Us For Help With Your Probate

Our lawyer can help you and your family deal with probate and estate administration in the Tacoma area. Send us an email to schedule an appointment or call our Gig Harbor office at 253-666-9219.

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