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Tips for preventing neighbor disputes on vacation rentals

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Real Estate |

Have you used one of the short-term rental apps to find a weekend cabin or beach house for your annual vacation? If you have a vacation home or rental property, you may have even considered listing it for short-term rentals.

However, you may have also realized that your neighbors may not appreciate living next to a revolving door of guests. Therefore, these are some tips you should consider before turning your property into a short-term rental.

Set clear ground rules for your renters

Success always begins with a solid plan. Therefore, you should create a set of ground rules for your guests. Set quiet hours and outline your local noise ordinances. Determine how many people you allow in your home. Discuss trash management, including where the trash and recycling bins are located and what you expect from your guests. Finally, work out a parking plan so your guests do not impede on your neighbors’ parking rights and needs. Always discuss the violation consequences and monitoring systems.

Speak with your neighbors

Before you book your first guest, talk with your neighbors. Let them know your plan, when you expect guests to arrive and what they can do if they see violations or feel disrespected. Keep communication open.

Create win-win situations. For example, offer weekly lawn care or monthly house cleaning from your service provider.

Invest in guest screening

Screen your guests. Find out if they have previous complaints from other property owners. You can use an app and external software screening. Also, market to your optimal guests rather than anyone willing to pay for a few days in your home.

These are just a few strategies you can follow to make your short-term rental as hassle-free and profitable as possible.

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