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Common pitfalls of handling a property dispute yourself

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Real Estate |

Property disputes can arise for a number of reasons, from a fence crossing over established boundaries to your neighbor’s septic tank contaminating your land. While it only seems cordial to exchange words with your neighbor before escalating the matter, you should think twice about how to proceed if the situation turns into a dispute.

By understanding the potential consequences of handling a property dispute by yourself, you can make the best decision regarding how to proceed.

Misinterpreting property details

In some cases, disputes can arise simply because one party misinterprets the boundaries of the respective properties. A real estate expert can examine the deed in question and identify any errors that might lead to misunderstandings.

Failed negotiations

It can be difficult or even impossible to make any headway in a dispute without acquiring the right assistance for pursuing legal actions. Any attempt to negotiate on your own can result in your neighbor disregarding the issue entirely.

Burning bridges

Though it may seem perfectly reasonable to write a letter to your neighbor or even confront them in person to make your concerns known, this course of action can quickly turn things sour. Your personal feelings might manifest as insults or other harsh words, which accomplish little and may ruin a relationship with a neighbor whom you must continue to share a boundary with for years to come.

Even the most composed and level-headed of individuals can be guilty of nasty behavior when a boundary dispute occurs. Take the initiative to follow appropriate legal measures before you run the risk of wasting your time or the good faith you still have with your neighbor.

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