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Advice on handling disputes with neighbors

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | Real Estate |

In a perfect world, everyone would naturally get along. The reality is that interpersonal conflicts can surface between neighbors.

Many issues become a source of friction. Common disagreements revolve around noise violations, property lines, unkempt lawns and pets. Be clear-headed when dealing with these situations.

Try being reasonable

The first step toward a resolution is communication. Compromise is possible between open-minded individuals. Engage in friendly banter before raising the issue. Then, pick a mutually agreeable time for reviewing the matter. Choose a neutral spot to have this discussion. The sidewalk or bordering property line will do fine. Take turns speaking and focus on solutions, not emotions.

Avoid getting nasty

An agreement might be impossible regardless of your efforts. Despite this disappointment, remain calm and refrain from retaliatory actions.

One measure angry persons often take is sending a demand letter. Stop before grabbing a pen and paper. Negative emotions often take over when writing such communications. Keep in mind that you will still be living there near your neighbor, and you will likely cross paths. In addition, anything you write down could potentially come back to haunt you in court if the case escalates.

Begin litigating for justice

Should an understanding prove elusive, the only solution may be filing a lawsuit. For litigation to triumph, evidence is necessary. Take pictures proving that the infringement is occurring. If you record conversations, make sure your actions are within the law. File suit before the statute of limitations runs out.

Smoothing over rifts between neighbors can be tricky. Correctly approaching the problem improves the odds of harmonious results. Those who stray outside these guidelines may find themselves in serious legal jeopardy.

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