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Prepare your neighbors before renting out your home

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Real Estate |

If you are considering renting out your home as a short-term rental property, it is a good idea to give your neighbors warning of what will happen. While you do not need their permission, it is a courtesy to advise them of the situation.

This gives you both an opportunity to go over any concerns beforehand and establish a way to address concerns that occur in your absence.

Create a set of rules

Create a set of house rules for any renters. Include information about how to handle trash and recycling. Clearly define any neighborhood rules or customs that they must follow. List any city ordinances regarding noise, occupancy or curfew. Outline the property boundaries and notify renters of what their rental includes. Discuss this list with your neighbor and add to it if they have concerns that are not addressed.

Establish what to do if concerns arise

It is difficult to foresee every problem or issue before it happens. Create a plan for what your neighbor should do if the renters become a problem. Your neighbor should not have the responsibility of policing the behavior of your renters, but they should know how and where to report any behavior or action that is immediately problematic for them. Determine which problems you would prefer to handle yourself, and which problems they should report directly to authorities.

As the rental will be short-term, you will likely be returning to the property as the resident when the rental is over. Discussing the rental with them ahead of time will confirm for them that you respect and value your relationship as neighbors. Maintaining a positive relationship with your neighbors will be beneficial for everyone.

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