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Was your contract with your real estate agent breached?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2019 | Uncategorized |

You’re a busy individual who depends upon your real estate agent to sell your home. But lately you’ve begun to believe that your agent isn’t making selling your home a priority. In fact, you think the agent may even be in breach of the contract for services that you both signed.

Before you take any action to legally sever your business ties with your real estate agent, ask yourself if any of the following apply:

Your agent doesn’t heed your concerns

When you and your agent first sat down to do business, did they address your concerns? Maybe you need to sell your home within a specified time frame in order to take advantage of a lucrative opportunity elsewhere. Your agent’s approach to selling your home should reflect this urgency.

The agent is unresponsive

Your agent doesn’t need to give you a daily update, especially when there is nothing to report, but they do need to timely respond to your calls, texts and emails. Ongoing conversations with your real estate agent when there is activity with potential buyers can move a sale along.

Your agent lacks professionalism

Genuine emergencies can arise where an agent may need to rescheduled a showing, but a professional, organized agent will have an assistant or colleague who can pinch hit for them if they can’t follow through. Repetitive cancelations, tardiness to appointments or no-shows indicate that your account is getting short shrift from the agent.

The agent didn’t do their homework

Failing to pre-qualify clients and not getting accurate comps can cause a property to languish on the market for far too long. Your targeted audience should be able to get funding to purchase the home, otherwise, any negotiations are a waste of time and effort. Without doing an accurate comparative market analysis, your agent will be unable get a “realistic, solid picture of value” of the homes in your location.

How to drop the hammer on a bad real estate agent

A breach of contract lawsuit can embroil you and your agent in costly litigation. If you feel that your agent has breached their contract with you, seek a legal review of your case to determine whether you are on sound ground to pursue further action with the negligent agent.

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