A family turns to estate planning documents during a particularly challenging part of life. Unfortunately, some people either never have these documents drafted or the documents are contested during the estate administration or probate process.

The Gig Harbor estate administration attorney at Gordon & Alvestad, PLLC, understands the complex personal and financial implications of disputed estates and will contests, always taking a compassionate but realistic approach to resolving these issues for clients.

With more than 20 years of experience in law and a lifelong residency in the Gig Harbor, Washington, area, attorney Paul Alvestad is sure to treat your case with the attention it demands. His knowledge and skill in negotiation of settlements and litigation can help you protect your best interests no matter what method of dispute resolution you choose to pursue.

Estate Administration And Probate Guidance

Estates become contested for a variety of reasons, not always having to do with someone getting as much money as possible from an estate. Siblings may dispute how a parent's health is managed when he or she cannot make decisions alone. Heirs may argue about whether to keep a family home or liquidate and divide the assets.

  • We are sensitive to the emotional aspect of estate administration and probate, but firmly believe that estate administration does not always have to be emotionally driven. It is more productive to view these issues in terms of legal goals. They help clients remain grounded in what can be done to strategically meet the needs of each party involved.
  • Still, the firm recognizes that not all issues can be managed as such, and some matters will inevitably be taken to litigation proceedings. Paul Alvestad always prepares for this contingency. Clients receive representation that is founded in preparation and education, so they understand all options available to resolve their cases efficiently and cost-effectively.

To discuss your estate administration, dispute or probate needs with an experienced lawyer, contact Gordon & Alvestad, PLLC, online or by telephone at 253-666-9219 (toll free at 866-955-3252).