"Who will take care of me when I am sick? Who will handle my finances and property?" These are questions people often ask themselves. Taking a closer look at the answers and other potential questions can help you to better protect yourself in the future. It can also benefit your loved ones, addressing issues that cause a great deal of stress and uncertainty later in life.

You Have Questions, Our Attorney Has Answers

Working with an experienced Tacoma and Gig Harbor estate planning attorney at Gordon & Alvestad, PLLC, will help you determine what issues to address and take action accordingly.

Attorney Paul Alvestad has more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of legal disciplines related to personal welfare and financial success. His acute understanding of the law and of the unique concerns of Washington residents is founded in the personal attention he provides to each individual he represents.

When you enlist Gordon & Alvestad, PLLC, you will work directly with the attorney who represents you and gain valuable insight into what questions to ask and what answers to seek when you need it most.

Handling All Aspects Of Estate Planning

Many attorneys treat estate planning documents in a one-size-fits-all manner despite each family's unique assets and concerns. Gordon & Alvestad, PLLC, drafts and reviews detailed, organized and strategic estate planning documents to reduce the risk of estate disputes when something unexpected happens.

  • Still, even the most thoroughly drafted wills and trusts can end up contested when estate executors and administrators divide property and manage an estate's final affairs. For example, family members may each have claim to a portion of real estate property, but some of the owners may not want to keep the property while others do.
  • A dispute like this does not have to be contentious. Paul Alvestad offers strategic solutions that can address conflicting goals like these. By working collaboratively with clients, he provides swift resolutions that are cost-effective and avoid litigation when possible. Still, every case is prepared for litigation, should you need to take a matter to court.

Contact Gordon & Alvestad, PLLC, online or by telephone at 253-666-9219 (toll free at 866-955-3252) to schedule a consultation to discuss your estate planning needs.